Best Socks to Keep Feet Cool and Dry

Best Socks to Keep Feet Cool and Dry

Best Socks to Keep Feet Cool and DryWearing poor quality socks can make you have sweaty feet. It is important to choose a socks fabric that enables oxygen to pass through. When sweat is trapped in the feet it can lead to uncomfortable situations including fungi and bacteria thriving.

As a result one can develop yeast infections, warts, fungal toenails, athlete’s foot or rashes. This brief overview looks into some of the best rated socks that will keep your feet cool and dry.

Best Socks to Keep Feet Cool and Dry

1. Drymax – They are superior quality socks designed to ensure comfort of your feet whether you are working out or walking around the house. The socks are made from high quality cotton hence long lasting and will keep your feet, warm, supported and comfortable.

Cotton is known to absorb perspiration well though it is not highly effective at keeping the feet dry. Nonetheless, these socks wicks moisture away from your skin keeping the feet dry.

2. Thorlo – The socks are designed with cool-max technology that is effective in managing moisture. The socks also feature mesh polyester ensuring maximum breathability. When temperatures are high your feet will remain at cool temperatures as air can move through the socks.

3. Wigwam – The socks features merino wool that keeps feet warm during cold seasons such as winter. They also have ventilation channels that will keep feet cool during summer. Wigwam socks can be used in intense activity as the cooling system that facilitates air flow to the feet dissipating heat during intense activity hence your feet will remain cool and dry.

Merino wool has itch-free fibers that are soft and comfortable unlike the traditional scratchy rag-wool socks. One of the best attributes of the merino wool is they are temperature regulating ensuring your feet remain cool under different temperatures.

Wool is known to absorb 30% weight water meaning your feet will stay cool. They are also extremely comfortable and soft.

4. Under Armour – The socks are known for their signature moisture transport system that dries away moisture enabling your feet to remain cool throughout the day. They are also have reinforced arch for maximum support.

5. Fitu – They are made out of bamboo fibers giving them thermal-regulating properties. The socks can absorb moisture better than cotton. They are also available in a wide variety of colors including black, white, blue and pink.

6. Saucony – Saucony socks feature a mesh venting that facilitates the circulation of air in your feet. This effective air circulation ensures your feet will remain dry and cool even during strenuous exercise. They are designed to fit well giving you extra comfort. They also have padding on the heel for extra protection and cushioning.

7. Thirty48 – they are unisex running socks designed with Coolmax plus CatalystAF technology that maximizes airflow into tour feet so the skin can breathe better. These socks ensure that your feet remain cool and dry throughout the day.

When choosing socks it is important to ensure you select the ones that give you breathability enabling your feet to stay cool and dry.

Make an informed decision to choose socks that will keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

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