5 Best Sweat Absorption Socks

Sweat Absorption SocksSweat absorption socks are the type of socks that will prevent your feet from sweat and smelly feet. It’s very embarrassing to take off your shoes when you enter your friend’s house with your damp and stinky socks.

You feel very desperate when you expose your sweat-discolored socks which contaminate the air around you. Sometimes you try to wash your legs thoroughly or change your shoes regularly and even take them off because of sweat.

Get this in mind that, socks will cause your feet to sweat so much. Synthetic and cotton socks are the type of sock you should completely avoid because they will make your feet to sweat most.

Changing of sock day a day will help to stop the sweating but the main cause of sweat and smelly feet is because of wearing the wrong socks.

Here are the best socks to consider for sweat absorption.

Merino wool socks

Marino socks are often valued for many reasons. They are known for better insulation properties. They normally keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

That makes it great for the overheated feet mostly in people with sweaty feet. They are the best because:

  • they absorb the whole lot of moisture while still feeling dry because moist is kept inside the fiber.
  • they normally dry faster.
  • they are natural anti-bacteria
  • normally stay warm when wet.

Wool socks

Wool socks have better insulating properties which mean it keeps your feet warm when it’s cooled and also keeps its cooler when it’s warm. Wool socks are best because:

  • they breathe well
  • thicker than cotton socks
  • like twice of moisture absorbs ability of cotton
  • absorbs moisture inside the fiber itself.

Coolmax socks

Coolmax socks are mostly designed to move perspiration away from the feet. These qualities are made of from CoolMax, Lycra, Duro film, nylon, and spandex.

They are normally in different types of socks like Thorold Experian socks. This types of socks haves a cushioning that give support and prevent friction and extra breathiness of your feet.

Drymax socks

They are also known as Active Odor Control. They are made of olefin, nylon and eglantine. They are tailored towards athletic performance and support and to prevent blister but also to keep your feet from sweating much.

Bamboo fiber socks

It’s a type of sock that is most common to diabetes patients, allergy prone and sensitive skin. They keep you warm in winter and cool in summer mostly because of bamboo thermal regulating properties.

They help to prevent foot odor because they are more absorbent than cotton socks. Bamboo fiber socks are anti-bacteria and anti-fungal.

For your health on foot, it’s advisable to wear absorption socks if your feet sweat because:

  • They help to prevent odor.
  • keep the feet warm.
  • they prevent extra cushioning to the feet.
  • keep your feet soft.
  • prevent your feet from diseases.


Socks for sweat absorption will now be easy you to choose but always remember to change socks during the day. It’s advisable to change socks twice a day to make reduce sweat and avoid smelly.

Use absorbent powder twice a day and wear clean socks. Also, after washing your socks, rinse them in a diluted antiseptic solution and give them enough time to dry.

After all remember to clean breathable shoes and sweat and smelly will be a history to you.

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