10 Workout Socks That Make Exercising Better

Working out is already difficult as it is. Whatever it is that can make it easier should, by all means, be embraced. You don’t need to make it harder by wearing socks that are not right for the job.

Yes, tights and good shoes are an important part of it as well. They all work together to influence how you feel and ultimately how you perform.

So what are workout socks?

Exercise exposes you to the possibility of developing conditions such as swollen legs, shin splints or even more seriously, plantar fasciitis which can become a burden. This is why you need to arm yourself with the right gear.

Workout socks are a specific kind of socks that are particularly designed to help prevent these conditions. They are sometimes called compression socks and they help to reduce soreness and to increase blood circulation.

Here is a list of 10 workout socks that will definitely make working out better for you:-

1. Physix Gear Sports Compression Socks

These are perhaps some of the best that you could buy. The rest well below the knee to help prevent calf cramps. They also support the toes and heels which are ideal for running even on a rough terrain. They go for slightly over $24 on Amazon.

2. Balega

These are ankle socks with a soft padding under the foot. They are made with Elastane which gives them a structured fit. The heels and toes are reinforced to make sure that they don’t get holes quickly. They have a heel tab that makes sure they don’t slide into your shoes but due to their thickness, they should be worn with loosely fitting shoes.

3. Bombas Bright Calf Socks

They cover most of your shin but don’t quite get to the knee. They are perfect if you are going to be doing box jumps in your workout. They will not slide down no matter your workout.

4. Icebreaker

They are made of Merino wool which makes them perfect when it comes to temperature regulation and absorbing moisture. The wool is blended with nylon that helps them hug your foot and not slide into the shoe during workouts.

5. Features

Perhaps the most differentiating feature (no pun intended) is how they are specifically made for each foot like shoes. They also have no seam on the toes so you can rule out the discomfort of stepping on the seam.

6. Stance

This sock is made for a very intensive workout. They have special features to manage sweat and to improve breathability. They come in adorable colors too!

7. Thorlo

The manufacturers claim the socks to have been scientifically proven as being able to prevent blisters, reduce foot pain and relieve pressure. They have cooling fibers that help them absorb sweat.

8. Smart wool

If you want socks that don’t feel like socks but still work as well, this is the brand to go for. They have a thin design and narrow profile that you can wear with well fitting shoes.

9. Darn tough

This sock is ideal for running on muddy days. It has a higher rise which prevents the mud from getting to you.

10. SheBeest

If you are into bike riding as a form of exercise, these songs will add some fun to it with their colorful designs and fitting functionality. They will protect your calf while riding and make a statement at the same time.

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