10 Best Running Socks To Buy

Every good runner knows that apart from good running shoes, good running socks are essential, since they prevent the feet from getting blisters- if carefully chosen.

Apart from the basic qualities of good running socks, such as they should be of the right size in relation to your feet and that they should fit your shoe, what else really makes good running socks?

Good running shoes should be light weight so as not to add bulk, after all, by all means you need to be as light weight as possible while running. They should also be designed in a way that they reduce friction and hence prevent blisters after that run.

This means they should be able to protect your feet , especially the big toe. This brings in the next big question; in a diverse market of running socks, which are the top ten running socks that each runner should have?

The Balega hidden comfort Tab running sock

These running socks are amazing since they have a heel tab innovation which prevents the socks from slipping down your heels as you run, they also provide cushion while the top mesh construction allows your feet to breath while you work out, hence prevents odor.

Balega Hidden Comfort Running Sock

What is more? It is constructed with reinforced heel and toe to prevent tear.

Thirty48 running socks

They are cushioned low cut style to fit comfortably with any running shoes. If you are under medication, good for you because they are commonly used with medical wear such as night splints. They also come in a variety of color to chose from.

Thirty48 Running Socks

Nike Elite performance socks

They have reinforced rib cuffs which help keep your socks in place and prevents them from sliding. In addition to the feature, it provides extra stability from the arch support.

Nike Elite Lightweight No-Show Tab

The Sockmine Griplock socks

Designed to keep your feet cool, through what they call the coolmax fiber . It is also relatively cheap, but with good quality.

Griplock Anklet

The Hilly twinskin socklet

It has an anatomical design with abrasion resistance in areas of increased wear. They have stretch performance fabric in the outer sock, hence improves the fit and running comfortability.

 Hilly Women's Twin Skin Socklet Socks

Bombas solid ankle

If you are one who is passionate about giving back to the society, then Bombas solid ankle is the way to go. For every pair you buy, one pair is donated to charity. The best part is, you get to share quality socks with someone else who desires to have them but can not afford.

Bombas Solids Women’s Ankle Socks

The bridgedale speed trail, ASICS unisex cushion low cut, Tesla men’s 6- pack athletic, and the CEP dynamic + all have one thing in common; functionality efficiency as well as well designed to protect your feet from blisters. They are especially good for long runs. Their cost matches their quality.

All in all, running socks are essential for all good runners, as they not only prevent your feet from blisters, but also keeps one comfortable during the race, and buying good running socks, is therefore essential.

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